Ever since we first heard earlier this year that the cast of “The Flash” movie would include Batman, there have been rumors about which Batman actors would join the film. We know that Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton are joining the film, but what about George Clooney? Sadly, it appears he didn’t get the Bat-Signal.

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In an interview with Empire magazine (via Digital Spy) about his upcoming movie “The Midnight Sky,” Clooney addressed the multiple Batmans replied to a question about reprising his role. ” It’s funny – you’ll notice they didn’t call me,” Clooney said. “Somehow I didn’t get that call. They did not ask for my nipples. Listen, there are certain things you never know. This one, I know.” That being said, he did say Keaton’s reprisal “would be fantastic.”

Though plot details on “The Flash” are scarce, director Andy Muschietti has confirmed the film will adapt elements of the Flashpoint storyline, meaning the film will explore alternate timelines. And if we’re already including Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton, why not go full “The Lego Batman Movie” and get Clooney involved too? There we say, “Batman & Robin” is not that bad, and Clooney was more than a descend Batman. Given how The Flash is usually a more comedic character than most other DC movies, it wouldn’t be out of the question to poke fun at the more outlandish portrayals of Batman.

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Still, Clooney has spent the last couple of years saying he was terrible in “Batman & Robin,” and all but disowned the film, which was considerably disliked upon release. “The only way you can honestly talk about things is to include yourself and your shortcomings in those things,” he said. “Like, when I say ‘Batman & Robin’ is a terrible film, I always go, ‘I was terrible in it.'”