Fresh off their complete snub by the Academy for their film, “Uncut Gems,” the Safdie Brothers have returned with yet another project with their new leading man, Adam Sandler. But this isn’t a new feature film. Instead, the trio has collaborated on a new short film, titled “Goldman v. Silverman.” Best of all, you can watch the whole damn thing now.

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In the short, Sandler plays one of the Times Square street performers, Goldman, that is just trying to earn some cash by making passersby laugh through the use of his kazoo and robotic movements. However, standing in his way is Silverman, another street performer that wants nothing more than to disrespect his rival.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the short, other than the Sandler and Safdie lead roles is the fact that this was clearly filmed amongst real tourists in Times Square. Little did these people know that Adam Sandler was the man dressed in gold paint trying to get them to laugh and tip.

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Joining Sandler in the cast is Benny Safdie, who obviously is one of the aforementioned brothers, but also is someone that has acted in his own films previously, including a lead role in 2017’s “Good Time.”

Sure, this is no replacement for a slew of Oscar nominations that the film “Uncut Gems” deserved, but for fans of the Safdie Brothers and Sandler, this is another little reminder that the collaboration between the artists is pretty incredible.

You can watch the short below.

Here’s the synopsis:

Rod Goldman and Al Silverman are street performers who work the tourist scene of Times Square. Goldman gets no respect and Silverman is the first one to make sure of that.