Universal Pictures, “Insecure” star and creator Issa Rae and Oscar-winner Jordan Peele (whose studio Monkeypaw are facilitating a whole lot of interesting work lately) are teaming up on movie “Sinkhole,” a thought-provoking genre piece that engaging with questions around female perfection and identity, adapted from a short story of the same name. 

Winning out against more than 10 studio bidders, Universal secured the screen rights to the provocative short story by Leyna Krow, which is about a young family that moves into their dream home, except for the gaping sinkhole in the backyard. The mysterious sinkhole manages to fix broken and destroyed things. The story complicates this with the existential question: what if that thing is a person?

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The increasingly in-demand Rae, who landed three Emmy nominations for her HBO series “Insecure” just yesterday, will potentially star in the adaptation as well as produce with Universal and Peele’s Monkeypaw. The producers are Peele and Rosenfeld for the latter and Rae, Montrel McKay, and Sara Rastogi for Issa Rae Productions. 

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As for the writer Krow herself, she was initially inspired to write the piece when a group of local writers were asked to write short fairytales on the theme ‘I Married A Monster,’ and the story is set on the street she lives on in Spokane, Washington. She wanted to explore the notion of female perfection and was particularly interested in the ways society and cultures can promote the concept of women as imperfect or broken. 

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Krow will be executive-producing alongside Alex Davis-Lawrence from the literary journal “Moss,” in which the story was originally published. The shooting date is yet to be set for the film.