2017 is turning out to be the year when everybody has an opinion about Netflix.

The streaming giant continues to rock the industry by playing by their own rules, which means dropping their major movie releases on their service the same day they get (very) limited theatrical runs. Many have bemoaned the practice as another nail in the coffin of moviegoing, while others have pondered how long they can keep it up by operating at a heavy debt. Meanwhile, the Cannes Film Festival found themselves in hot water this spring caught between choosing Netflix projects by auteur directors Bong Joon-Ho and Noah Baumbach for their lineup, while facing backlash from the French movie industry who believe they are being directly harmed by the streaming service’s release strategy. Well, get ready for one more voice to enter the mix.

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James Cameron has weighed in, and he’s no fan of streaming, especially if it means taking away the opportunity of the moviegoing experience.

“I’m not into it — I think it’s a stupid idea. The sanctity of the theatre-going experience is something I never really want to see go away,” he told The Daily Telegraph (via Toronto Sun). “I actually don’t think it will go away, but people shouldn’t be denied the option of seeing a film on the big screen.”

While Netflix certainly isn’t denying anyone anything, it’s true that finding their movies at the multiplex or arthouse is nearly impossible, especially if you’re not in a major market. The national cinema chains want nothing to do with Netflix, as they believe the service cuts into their business, so don’t expect the theatrical roll out of the streaming company’s movies to expand anytime soon, unless they truly change their approach.