John Carpenter Returns To 'Halloween' Franchise To Provide Score For New Film

It feels like it wasn’t that long ago that Blumhouse Productions announced that they were making, yet another, entry in the “Halloween” franchise. Now, we are almost exactly 6 months from the film’s release, and the buzz around the sequel/reboot/remake is starting to build. And the excitement will increase even more now that it has been confirmed that filmmaker/composer John Carpenter is back lending his talents to the new film.

According to a tweet by Blumhouse head honcho, Jason Blum, Carpenter, the man who created the whole franchise including the iconic theme song, is back to provide the score for the new film. Regardless of what you think of horror films, particularly slashers like “Halloween,” everyone has to admit that the score for the film goes down as one of the best ever. So, the inclusion of Carpenter to this new film adds legitimacy, as well as the assurance that the sequel will have the same “feel” of the original.

Also adding to the nostalgia factor on the new “Halloween” is the addition of star Jamie Lee Curtis to the cast. The actress, who defined the “final girl” horror trope, is back in Haddonfield and fighting Michael Myers once again. And even though some of the previous films in the series were…less than good, Curtis promises that this one will be scary.

“I’ve seen a trailer and I’ve seen some footage, and it’s terrifying,” said Curtis, in an interview with Yahoo.

The actress also talked about what drew her to coming back to the franchise that helped launch her career. “And as soon as I read what [director/co-writer] David Green and [co-writer] Danny McBride had come up with … and the way that they connected the dots of the story, it made so much sense to me that it felt totally appropriate for me to return to Haddonfield, Ill., for another 40th-anniversary retelling,” Curtis said.

She also continues by describing what exactly the film is. You see, the “Halloween” franchise has gone through a number of iterations. Ever since the original two films, which are regarded as classics, the series has taken some odd turns – like the odd third film that has no Michael Myers, or the multiple relaunches, or the reboot by Rob Zombie. This new film, however, is more of a “retelling” says Curtis.

“There was the idea of, ‘What do you call it?’ If I had had my druthers, I probably would’ve called it ‘Halloween Retold.’ Because it’s being retold. It’s the original story in many, many, many ways. Just retold 40 years later with my granddaughter,” said the actress.

Well, Blumhouse didn’t bother with such a complicated title, opting instead for just “Halloween,” which opens October 19.

Also, check out the first poster, highlighting the iconic mask:

Halloween Poster