This whole Marvel Cinematic Universe thing is getting out of hand. Back in the day, you used to get one, maybe two posters for a film’s release. Then when the Internet and social media became a thing, studios realized that people would shamelessly share every new poster that was released (*raises guilty hand*). But Disney and Marvel Studios have taken the idea of posters to a new level with “Avengers: Endgame.”

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Remember a year ago, in a pre-’Infinity War’ world, where Marvel Studios released like a dozen or so posters for the characters that would appear in the film? Yeah, that was ridiculous enough. But this year, for ‘Endgame,’ the studio did it again, but really going the extra mile to show you everyone that is going to appear in the film.

Long story short, Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan character, who is nothing more than Tony Stark’s right-hand man, gets his own character poster for ‘Endgame’ and this must signal the beginning of the fall of the Marvel Studios Empire.

“Avenge the Fallen” is the tagline that each poster sports. So, apparently, Happy Hogan is going to awkwardly stumble and quip his way to beating Thanos? Watch out Mad Titan! He couldn’t outwit a 15-year-old from Queens, but he’s ready to save the universe.

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Other characters that get featured that seem to ride the line between “OMG! So cool!” and “Huh?” are Wong, Valkryie, and Mantis. Sure, Mantis played a fairly big role in ‘Infinity War,’ but she (like half of the universe) was dusted by Thanos and really doesn’t need her own poster, right? (Props for showing the dusted folks in black and white, nice touch!) Wong showed up for all of 10 minutes in the previous film, and supplied one silly sandwich joke and some teleportation. Hardly poster-worthy. And Valkyrie? While we are huge fans of Tessa Thompson’s appearance as the character in “Thor: Ragnarok,” the character didn’t show up for one frame of ‘Infinity War,’ and frankly, we’re a little perturbed because her poster seemingly spoils the fact she’ll show up in ‘Endgame.’

But for those that love these character posters, enjoy the collection (that is probably going to keep growing) below: