Jonathan Glazer Starts Pre-Production On His Next Film

I’m not saying that Twitter grants me wishes, but it was not that long along that I sent a missive out into the digital universe, wishing for a new movie from Jonathan Glazer.

Now, I’m not saying I believe in a higher power, but someone was clearly listening…..or I just stumbled upon some fortuitous timing. I’ll let you decide, because the good news is that Jonathan Glazer is now starting work on his next film. I’m ready.

Picking up an honorary doctorate from Nottingham Trent, the director of the great “Under The Skin,” the terrific and severely underrated “Birth,” and the breakout “Sexy Beast” revealed that his next picture is now gearing up.

“I have just finished writing my new film. I have been working on it for close to a year and I am starting to cast it and get the money. I am at the beginning of pre-production,” he told Nottingham Post. “I don’t start off a film as a genre. I like genre but I like the idea of films that break out of a genre. I have co-written the last two films but this is the first time I am writing solo.”

As for what the project is, that’s anybody’s guess. Glazer’s name hasn’t really been heard since “Under The Skin,” and he tends to keep his projects close to the vest. As much as we’d like to hope for a new film from the director in 2018, Glazer is also unhurried in his craft, so if things are moving right along, I’d still keep expectations for a 2019 release. But we’re getting far too ahead ourselves — Jonathan Glazer has a new movie in the works. That alone is enough to keep us satisfied for some time yet.