Last week, it was revealed that Armie Hammer was stepping away from the production of the upcoming “Shotgun Wedding” rom-com due to some…uh, strange allegations. But despite the reason for his departure, the next question that naturally came up is “Who’s going to take over the role?” Well, now we know.

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According to THR, actor Josh Duhamel is in negotiations to take over the role opposite Jennifer Lopez in “Shotgun Wedding.” The rom-com is slated to be directed by Jason Moore, who is probably best known for helming “Pitch Perfect.” The film was expected to begin production very soon in the Dominican Republic.

Duhamel is probably best known for his role in the “Transformers” franchise as a soldier that fought a ton of robots for Michael Bay. More recently, he’s appeared in films such as “Love, Simon,” “Think Like a Dog,” and “The Lost Husband.” He also made his directorial debut in the comedy film, “The Buddy Games,” last year.

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Of course, Duhamel seems like a good guy and is perfectly capable of starring in a rom-com with Jennifer Lopez, but the news surrounding his hiring is the real story of “Shotgun Wedding,” up until now. As alluded to, Hammer left the production before filming began due to allegations that he is, in fact, a real cannibal and enjoys some very kinky sexual interests. Obviously, the actor called those claims “bullshit,” but the story became such a big thing that he thought it was best to step away from the film and be with his family.

There’s no release date set for “Shotgun Wedding,” but if production does begin soon, there’s a chance we could see the rom-com later this year. And by then, maybe people won’t be so obsessed with the Hammer allegations.