We know the Snyder Cut of “Justice League” exists (in some very long, unfinished form). We know that there are a ton of people (including most of the cast) that would like to see it released. And now, thanks to writer Chris Terrio, who helped script Snyder’s version of the film, we think we know that there might be news on the horizon.

Speaking to Polygon, writer Chris Terrio, who is currently promoting that “Star Wars” film everyone keeps talking about, was asked about the Snyder Cut, as it’s in the conversation yet again. And while he tried his best to avoid giving an answer, the writer ended up hinting at something that is likely going to sound the alarms at #ReleaseTheSnyderCut HQ.

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“And I have [thoughts about the Snyder Cut of ‘Justice League’]! I do have them, but I won’t talk about it right now,” said Terrio. “We’ll have a date in a couple of months, and we’ll talk about it then. Because, you know, that is a really interesting topic that I have not spoken about yet.”

In another interview, this time with UPROXX, Terrio evaded questions about the Snyder Cut, once again, but also hinted that there may be a time in the future when all can be revealed.

“The thing is, I can’t really speak to that at this moment. But I promise that I will talk to you about that very thing at some point after this film,” he revealed.

Now, I know what you’re thinking — “This clearly means that WB is on the verge of announcing a release date for the Snyder Cut!” While that is a conclusion that can be logically reached, that isn’t a certainty. Just as recent as a couple of weeks ago, it was reported that the idea that another version of “Justice League” would be released (on HBO Max or any other platform) was a “pipe dream.” So, let’s not count the proverbial chickens before they hatch.

He could just be talking about how he’d rather wait until “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” is released before talking about a two-year-old project that has a ton of controversy.

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But it sure does sound like something is going on, right?

And in another bit of Snyder Cut news, the cinematographer that worked with the filmmaker on the original shoot of “Justice League,” Fabian Wagner, was recently speaking and was asked about this unseen version of the film.

During his discussion (via Twitter), Wagner broke down the schedule for how much of the film was reshot and revealed that he estimated that only “maybe 10%” of what was shot with Snyder made it into the finished “Justice League.”

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Obviously, that doesn’t mean that Joss Whedon re-imagined 90% of the film, as there could have just been alternate dialogue from existing scenes added that required whole Snyder scenes to be redone. But even if the amount of new footage is remotely near that 90% mark (60% even!), then we’re talking a very different version of the film.

All that to say, if a Snyder Cut is released, it’s likely going to be very different than what we saw in 2017. And perhaps 2020 will bring some serious news about that film’s future. Is #ReleaseTheSnyderCut going to succeed in the end? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but maybe.