It’s hard to imagine that Marvel Studios is still developing and producing Disney+ series considering it’s September and we have yet to see even one of them arrive on the streaming service, despite knowing of their existence for more than a year. But even as we wait for “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” whenever that finally debuts, Marvel Studios is still moving ahead with its other series, including “She-Hulk,” which just found a director.

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According to Deadline, Kat Coiro is in negotiations to direct the pilot episode of “She-Hulk,” as well as several other installments. She’s also set to become an executive producer on the superhero series. “She-Hulk,” as the name implies, is about a character that gets angry, turns green, and becomes an unstoppable force. Except, this isn’t Bruce Banner’s story. Instead, the series follows Jennifer Walters, a lawyer that receives an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce, which turns her into a new type of Hulk. Instead of being a mindless anger monster, She-Hulk is able to keep her intelligence while also gaining immense strength. Often, she just stays “hulked out” and is a big, green lawyer out to do good.

Though Coiro is stepping into her biggest project to date, by far, she is an experience TV series director, responsible for episodes of series such as “Modern Family,” “Shameless,” “Dead to Me,” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Clearly, she has a knack for comedy, and since “She-Hulk” is a Marvel Studios production, those skills will be put to use. Coiro is also set to direct the upcoming Jennifer Lopez/Owen Wilson romantic-comedy, “Marry Me,” which arrives in February 2021.

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While we have yet to hear casting news about who might play the title character, we do know that “She-Hulk” is set to be written by Jessica Gao, who is probably best known for her work on “Rick & Morty.” Much like the other series being developed at Marvel Studios, “She-Hulk” is expected to be treated much like a Marvel movie and less like a conventional TV series, with a massive budget, a small number of writers and directors, and linked with the overarching superhero universe.

Obviously, it’s unclear when “She-Hulk” will debut on Disney+. It’s one of more than a half-dozen shows in development at Marvel Studios. Perhaps we could see it as soon as 2021, but odds are this is more of a 2022 series.