When Kelly Marie Tran was cast as Rose Tico in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” you have to imagine the actress was incredibly happy about what it might mean for her career and her future. Then the film was released and Tran became the subject of a ton of toxic fan hate, with racist and misogynist comments being throw at her non-stop. And now, after playing the character in ‘The Last Jedi’ and that film’s sequel, ‘The Rise of Skywalker,’ Tran isn’t so sure she’d want to come back as Rose in a future “Star Wars” project.

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Speaking to IGN (full interview below), Tran was promoting her most recent film, Disney’sRaya and the Last Dragon.” However, as she’s probably used to by now, the topic of “Star Wars” was raised. And when she talked about how she misses the character of Rose Tico, she also mentioned how she’s unsure if she would be able to play her in a future film or TV show.

“I miss Rose. I maybe miss who I was when I played her,” said Tran. “I feel like, sometimes, I don’t know that I could play her now. I feel like I’m different. I think so many times in our lifetimes, we are constantly growing and learning and, again, the realm of human experience is so limitless, you can be so many different people at one time but, when I think about Rose specifically and who I was then and how I was able to tap into certain parts of myself, I don’t know if I could play her again. I miss parts of her.”

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That is definitely an interesting response to a question that most actors reply with an “Of course I’ll return!” when asked. And the fact that Tran doesn’t even mention the ludicrous hatred that came her way when she was playing the character speaks to how she is definitely trying to move on from her “Star Wars” past.

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However, if you’re a fan of Tran’s performance in the films (and honestly, the actress is nowhere near the top of the list of things the sequel trilogy did wrong), you probably were hoping Rose Tico would get more to do in ‘Rise of Skywalker.’ Instead, much like John Boyega’s Finn, the character was sidelined to a B-plot and not really given her due. So, from a storytelling perspective, there’s plenty of options on where you can take her in the future. But at this point, it doesn’t look like Tran is ready to venture back into the galaxy far, far away.