If you’re someone that’s not as familiar with the comic book stories that influence the superhero films or the behind-the-scenes drama that surrounds these massive film productions, you may look at “Birds of Prey” and think to yourself, “Oh, this has Harley Quinn in it, so it must be like another ‘Suicide Squad.’” Well, according to Harley herself, Margot Robbie, that’s not even close to the truth.

Speaking to Variety, the actress explained that there’s one major reason why “Birds of Prey” is going to be different than 2016’s “Suicide Squad” and even the upcoming reboot “The Suicide Squad” — Harley Quinn.

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You see, the actress said that both ‘Suicide Squad’ films focus on the other characters and aren’t true Harley stories, while Cathy Yan’s upcoming “Birds of Prey” is 100% a Harley Quinn film.

“The story in ‘Birds of Prey’ is told from her point of view, so you have an insight into Harley’s world in a way that you didn’t in the first ‘Suicide Squad’ film, nor that you’ll have in the next ‘Suicide Squad’ film,” the actress said. “It’s a little bonkers. It reflects her personality. It’s heightened. It’s poppy, it’s fun, it’s violent, it’s crazy. It’s absurd. It’s kooky. It’s hilarious. It’s a little heartbreaking.”

As for the second ‘Suicide Squad’ film that Robbie’s starring in and is arriving in 2021, the actress is mum on details. However, she thinks that people are going to have a fun time at the James Gunn-directed sequel.

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“You’re going to be laughing a lot. It’s going to be good is all I can say for now. It’s going to be very, very good,” Robbie said.

“Birds of Prey” is expected to arrive in theaters on February 7, 2020. “The Suicide Squad” will come the following year on August 6, 2021.

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