This past weekend was incredibly bittersweet for actress Margot Robbie. Yes, she saw her female-led superhero film “Birds of Prey” open to #1 at the box office. Of course, to say it didn’t have an amazing opening is a bit of an understatement. However, she was also part of this year’s Oscars ceremony, where she was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. But we know she also lost out to Laura Dern for that honor. But hey, she’s kicking off the rest of the year with some exciting news involving her next project.

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According to Deadline, Robbie has just signed on to star in the new film from David O. Russell. And to make matters even more exciting, she’s set to star opposite Christian Bale. So, it appears that Robbie is rebounding quite nicely from her roller-coaster weekend. As you might remember, rumors swirled that Russell was looking for someone huge to star opposite Bale, with Robbie being named as a possibility, along with Jennifer Lawrence (a frequent Russell collaborator). It appears that Robbie, indeed, landed the spot.

Unfortunately, outside of the news that she’s starring opposite Bale and the film is directed by Russell, not much else is known. We do know that the untitled film is based on an original idea by Russell, which marks the first time in over a decade that the filmmaker doesn’t have real-life inspiration (or a novel) to build from. But no matter what, just having Russell attached is worth the price of a ticket alone. The addition of Robbie and Bale are just icing on the cake.

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The discussion surrounding Robbie at this moment seems to revolve around her role in the aforementioned “Birds of Prey,” …err, “Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey.” Or is it just “Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn?” It’s hard to keep track of. But other than her superhero exploits, she’s had quite an impressive career, collecting two Oscar nominations (“I, Tonya,” “Bombshell”) and acclaim in other roles including her breakout in “The Wolf of Wall Street” and last year’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”

We’re still waiting for more information about her latest film, but with these three names, you better believe we’ll be following this project.