David O. Russell Eyes Margot Robbie, Angelina Jolie For New Film

Is there such a thing as filmmaker fatigue? After a string of features that led to consecutive Oscar nominations for Jennifer Lawrence – “Silver Lining Playbook,” “American Hustle,” and “Joy” – it seems that Hollywood just needed a break from David O. Russell. After dabbling with an Amazon television series and another Mark Wahlberg film, the filmmaker seems ready to return to the spotlight with a big movie and a star-studded cast. Not much is known about “Amsterdam,” the working title of Russell’s latest feature, but that isn’t stopping the casting rumors from flowing fast and furious.

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Collider‘s Jeff Sneider reported earlier this week that Russell is swinging for the fences for the cast of his latest feature. While frequent collaborator Christian Bale has been tapped as the film’s lead, much of Russell’s remaining cast remains in a state of flux. Sneider had previously heard rumors that Lawrence was being considered for the role opposite Bale, but recently, the production had pivoted towards Margot Robbie in that key role. Meanwhile, Jamie Foxx and Angelina Jolie are both apparently in consideration for supporting roles.

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It’s easy to understand why. Few directors are as adept at balancing large casts as Rusell. Even dating back to his early work on films like “Three Kings,” the filmmaker has a strong sense of spacing, giving each of his performers an opportunity to shine. “The Fighter” received three Best Supporting Actor/Actress Oscar nominations; “Silver Linings Playbook” received two; “American Hustle” another two. If you are interested in being part of the Academy Award conversation, the best place you can be is as a supporting character in a David O. Russell project. That allows the director to draw up incredible wishlists and – more often than not – get exactly who he wants.