The Marvel TV overhaul just keeps on going. Since Kevin Feige took over as the Chief Creative Officer of Marvel, giving him oversight of the films, as well as TV and publishing, we’ve seen some extensive changes happening on the studio’s small screen efforts. And those changes aren’t done yet, as the Hulu animated series “Tigra & Dazzler Show” is going back to the drawing board.

According to THR, one of the four Hulu animated series being developed by Marvel, “Tigra & Dazzler Show,” has fired the entire creative team behind the show, including the showrunner Erica Rivinoja, as well as the complete writing staff. The official reason for the change is due to “creative differences,” with Marvel now looking for another group of creators to take over. However, given recent history, it appears that this is just another example of Feige cleaning house.

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With Feige taking over the big creative role at Marvel, it’s clear that he wanted to make sure the TV side of things was completely revamped. Former Marvel TV president Jeph Loeb stepped down, which signaled the official end to that regime. We then saw cancelations of Freeform’sCloak & Dagger,” as well as “The Runaways.” In addition, the development of every live-action TV series outside of the already-in-production “Helstrom” was halted. And now, we see that the four new animated series for Hulu are beginning to be affected. Don’t be surprised if we see every one of the series being shuttered eventually.

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The new leadership clearly has its own ideas about how to proceed on the TV side of things, with Disney+ being a huge part of that equation. Marvel Studios, which usually handles only films, has recently begun its TV development, with a number of new live-action and animated series on the new streaming service. It’s obvious that this is the future that Feige and Co. envision for the MCU.

Or maybe this is all just wild speculation and everything is completely fine over at Marvel TV? Yeah, probably not.