You wouldn’t be wrong to think that Michael Cera hasn’t been on camera in films all that often recently. Outside of indies like “Gloria Bell,” “Tyrel,” “Person to Person,” and “Lemon,” the actor has been fairly quiet in recent years. Well, it appears he’s about to return to the screen in a pretty big way as a co-star in the upcoming Hulu series, “Life & Beth.”

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According to Variety, Michael Cera is set to co-star in the upcoming Hulu series, “Life & Beth,” where he’ll be opposite Amy Schumer. The series is written, directed, produced, and starring Schumer, who plays a successful wine distributor that has to reckon with her past and figure out the events of her life that have helped shape where she is. Cera is set to play a chef that speaks his mind and is to the point.

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Cera is no stranger to TV series, having starred in the acclaimed sitcom, “Arrested Development.” The actor has also appeared in series such as “Twin Peaks: The Return,” and the Adult Swim series, “Children’s Hospital” and “Medical Police.” And though he hasn’t appeared on screen all that much in recent years, he has lent his voice for animated films such as the recent festival favorite, “Cryptozoo,” as well as the upcoming kid’s film, “Blazing Samurai.”

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It’s unclear when production on “Life & Beth” will begin. The series is part of a deal that Amy Schumer struck with Hulu after the popularity of her comedy film, “Trainwreck,” and her sketch comedy series, “Inside Amy Schumer.”