So far, and in a relatively short time, we’ve seen coronavirus really begin to take its toll on the film and TV industry. Films are getting delayed. Big films. And now, on the TV side of things, we’re beginning to see shows begin to halt production due to fear of spreading COVID-19 (talk shows and sitcoms with live studio audiences are already being reworked to help prevent possible exposure). And in the case of Apple TV+’s flagship series, “The Morning Show,” there’s not even a positive test or outbreak to blame for the hiatus, as the studio just aims to be proactive and preventative.

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According to THR, the studio behind “The Morning Show,” MediaRes, has announced that the series starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston will take a two-week hiatus to “assess the situation” before figuring out how to proceed with the production of Season 2.

“In concert with our dedicated partners at Apple, we have concluded it would be prudent to take a two-week hiatus to assess the situation and ensure the safety of the incredible people who make this show,” said producer Michael Ellenberg, founder and CEO of MediaRes.

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However, as alluded to up top, “The Morning Show” isn’t the first, and damn sure won’t be the last, major TV series to be affected by the spread of coronavirus in Hollywood and beyond. We’ve already seen hiatuses on popular series such as “Riverdale” (one confirmed case of COVID-19 with a crew member), “The Amazing Race” (traveling around the world isn’t a great idea right now), and “Survivor” (see ‘Amazing Race’).

And with the pandemic spreading throughout the US, it’s probable that we’ll see other TV series begin to take brief hiatuses to figure out how to move forward. What this means for premiere dates and scheduling, in general, is unknown, as we still haven’t seen the full extent of what’s happening.