Of the series released by HBO in the last couple of years to have wide-spread critical acclaim, you would have to put “My Brilliant Friend” up there as one of the more underrated. Whereas “Barry,” “Veep,” “Watchmen,” “Game of Thrones,” “Succession,” “Chernobyl,” “Euphoria,” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” prove that HBO is still the premier destination for consistently quality series, the best one that doesn’t get nearly as much notoriety as it deserves is probably “My Brilliant Friend.”

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Well, thanks to the new teaser for Season 2, hopefully a large number of folks are going to remember that the Italian drama is still available to binge and you still have plenty of time before the next batch of episodes to catch up. For those unfamiliar with the show, “My Brilliant Friend” tells the story of two very intelligent young girls as they grow up in Italy and experience all the hardships that women at that time suffered through. Season 2 picks up where the first left off as Elena and Lila journey into adulthood and deal with romance, heartbreak, success, and betrayal.

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The cast includes Margherita Mazzucco, Gaia Girace, Giovanni Amura, and Francesco Serpico. The series is based on Elena Ferrante’s bestselling book series of the same name, with Season 2 being inspired by the second novel in the four-part series.

“My Brilliant Friend: The Story of a New Name” debuts on HBO on March 16.

Here’s the synopsis for Season 2:

This season begins where the first season left off, with Lila newly – and unhappily – married to upper crust grocer Stefano Carracci (Giovanni Amura) and Elena (Margherita Mazzucco) unsure of her future, both romantically and academically. Believing she lost her own identity when she took her husband’s name, Lila (Gaia Girace) is defiant in her marriage as their world continues to orbit around the Solara family, while model student Elena comes to realize that she is not happy inside or outside her neighborhood. During a holiday in Ischia, the two girls reunite with their old childhood acquaintance Nino Sarratore (Francesco Serpico), now a university student with great expectations. The seemingly random encounter will forever change the nature of their bond, projecting the girls into two completely different worlds. Lila becomes a skillful sales assistant in the elegant shoe shop in central Naples owned by the powerful Solara family, and Elena obstinately continues her studies as she prepares to attend university in Pisa. As their worlds expand and they’re forced to deal with more adult and complex problems, Elena and Lila fight to find their place in the rapidly changing Italy of the 60s, while their fraught relationship continues to vacillate between love and contempt.