Neil Gaiman's Acclaimed Comic Series 'Sandman' Coming To Netflix Courtesy Of David Goyer & Allan Heinberg

If you talk to a serious Neil Gaiman fan and ask what the best work ever done by the creator is, the odds are that “Sandman” will likely be at the top of the list. In a bibliography that includes “American Gods,” “Stardust,” “Good Omens,” and countless comic books and graphic novels, “Sandman” is perhaps the pre-eminent Gaiman work. And now, thanks to Netflix, it appears that we’re closer than ever to seeing this series come to life.

According to Deadline, Netflix is teaming up with Warner Bros. TV, superstar producer David Goyer, and writer-producer Allan Heinberg to bring the landmark comic book series to the streaming service. For those unfamiliar with “Sandman,” the series is the trippy, genius reimagining of the superhero concept introduced decades prior.

The story follows Dream, aka Morpheus the Lord of Dreams, who is one of the Endless, as he is captured and begins a journey through the mythology and history of the DC Universe, though Gaiman’s unique use of horror and metaphysical elements. Dream is just one of the seven personifications of metaphysical concepts including Destiny, Death (who also became the star of her own popular series), Desire, Despair, Delirium, and Destruction. If this sounds confusing, amazing, and crazy, all at the same time, then you’re getting the idea.

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Goyer is on board as the executive producer, alongside Gaiman, and will help shepherd the series to life on Netflix. They’re joined by Heinberg, who is probably best known as one of the writers on “Grey’s Anatomy,” as well as “Scandal,” “The OC,” and “Gilmore Girls.” But don’t let those soapy credits fool you, he’s also an accomplished comic book writer and has a deep knowledge of the subject matter.

The last we heard about “Sandman” coming to live-action was with the aborted film version that was spearheaded by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. That film fell apart back in 2016.

“Sandman” is set to be the most costly DC TV project ever, and that’s to be expected, as there’s no way you can tell this story properly while also pinching pennies. The series joins recent Gaiman projects like “American Gods” on Starz, “Good Omens” on Amazon,” and the recently released “Lucifer” on Netflix. The latter of which is based on a character that was introduced in “Sandman” comic series.

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No word on a release date, as this is likely going to take some time to develop. But it seems like we’re finally going to see “Sandman” hit live-action. Will “Death” be soon to follow?