New Trailer For 'Ozark' Pushes Jason Bateman To The Edge

If “Breaking Bad” showed how one family man wanting to do the right thing fell into a dangerous spiral of greed and violence, “Ozark” offers the flipside. The intense new drama series from Netflix shows how one breadwinner already dabbling in illegal business, has to protect his family after it all goes wrong.

Starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, the promising new show follows a money launderer whose partner is caught putting cash in his pockets, forcing him to take his family and flee, and figure a way out of this mess. Here’s the official synopsis:

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A Chicago financial advisor, who has been quietly laundering money for a drug kingpin, must quickly uproot his family and move the operation to The Ozarks, after his partner is caught cheating the business.  There, he bumps heads with both a local drug dealer whose business he inadvertently interrupts, and a clan of ruffians, led by their 19-year-old niece, who want his money, all the while avoiding the eye of a tenacious FBI agent.  He must complete his laundering, to save the life of his family, as they struggle to find their own path in this seemingly foreign way of life.

“Ozark” series up something more intense than anything Michael Bluth had to deal with. The series lands on July 21st.