First Trailer For 'The Final Portrait' Starring Armie Hammer

We’re in the midst of the big summer holiday in North America, with Canadians coming off July 1st and Americans gearing up for July 4th. So, it’s the perfect time for the first trailer for an art dramedy about an eccentric painter, right? Well, the folks behind “Final Portrait” sure think so.

Starring Geoffrey Rush, Armie Hammer, Clémence Poésy, Tony Shalhoub and Sylvie Testud, and directed by Stanley Tucci, the film is “a charming, modest” look at the unique artistic process of painter Alberto Giacometti, as he hits down to compose a portrait of art-lover James Lord. Here’s the official synopsis:

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FINAL PORTRAIT is the story of the touching and offbeat friendship between American writer and art-lover James Lord and Alberto Giacometti, as seen through Lord’s eyes and revealing unique insight into the beauty, frustration, profundity and sometimes the chaos of the artistic process. Set in 1964, while on a short trip to Paris, Lord is asked by his friend, Giacometti, to sit for a portrait. The process, promises Giacometti, will take only a few days and so Lord agrees — ultimately wondering “how much longer can it go on like this?”

“Final Portrait” opens in the U.K. on August 18th, and will be released in the U.S. by Sony Pictures Classics. No date has been set.

The Final Portrait