There Was Originally A SIXTH Post-Credits Scene To ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’

Marvel has undoubtedly had an enormous impact on the movie world, from interlinking franchises to the prevalence of superhero movies, but maybe the most annoying copy-cat spawning innovation was their post-credit scenes. They didn’t invent them — “Airplane!,” among many others, has a doozy — and it’s not necessarily their fault. Indeed, when they began, with a surprise cameo from Samuel L. Jackson at the end of “Iron Man” nine years ago teasing a future “Avengers” team-up, it was a fun little easter egg for fans.

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Since then, there’ve been lots of cute gags and fun teases from Marvel, but partly because of the way lesser franchises copy them, and partly because of the way that film reporting (he said, throwing a stone inside a glass house) focuses obsessively on the post-credit scenes, they’ve become increasingly tiresome.

The trend has reached something of a peak with “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2,” a decent Marvel Cinematic Universe picture if far from the studio’s best, but which has an unprecedented five scenes once the credits start rolling. And what’s more, it came very close, USA Today reports, to having a sixth.

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We won’t give away the ones that are in the film for those of you that haven’t seen it (it did only just open in the U.S. today), but the paper has James Gunn breaking down the various scenes for them if you have seen it (or don’t mind being spoiled), and he also spills the beans on the extra one that hit the cutting room floor. **SPOILER** The sequence involved Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and new Guardian Mantis (Pom Klementieff) having a chat when they suddenly hear screaming from on board their new ship. The screams turn out to be from Gef (played by comic Steve Agee), a goggle-wearing Ravager who was assumed dead at the hands of Yondu’s magic arrow, but is apparently still alive, albeit badly wounded.

Yeah, we can sort of see why they’d cut that one. “Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2” and its 100-odd pre-credit scenes are in theaters now.