Much like other independent distributors, such as Kino Lorber, Oscilloscope is attempting to figure out how to continue to make money during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, while also ensuring that the theaters that showcase indie films can survive the extended shutdown. However, Oscilloscope is offering something a bit different than the competition, as the distributor aims to attract all film fans to a new deal that provides some of the best indie films at a ridiculously low price, while also benefiting the struggling cinemas.

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Oscilloscope recently announced a deal called “Circle of Quarantine,” which aims to provide quality entertainment for those stuck at home, while simultaneously helping arthouse theaters. The way it works is simple—for the price of $49.99, US film fans can choose 10 films from the Oscilloscope library to digitally download (forever, not just rent), and as a by-product of the sale, the distributor will donate $10 to the Cinema Workers Solidarity Fund, which aims to support the workers that are losing their wages due to the coronavirus shutdown orders.

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That means for roughly $5 apiece, you can own some of the best indie films of the last several years, including projects such as “Meek’s Cutoff,” “12 O’Clock Boys,” “Madeline’s Madeline,” “Hal,” “Sollers Point,” and much, much more. That’s a really great deal, with the benefit of helping people who need financial support right now.

The deal is available now on the Oscilloscope website.

Available Films:
12 O’Clock Boys
28 Hotel Rooms
A Film Unfinished
A Teacher
About Sunny
Above and Below
After Tiller
Always Shine
Art and Craft
Balloonfest (short)
Beautiful Losers
Beauty and the Dogs
Bobbi Jene
Brave Men’s Blood
Brimstone & Glory
Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best
Bunohan: Return to Murder
Burma VJ
Catch Me Daddy
Combat Obscura
Compassion in Emptiness
Contemporary Color
Dark Days
Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father
Don’t Be A Dick About It
Don’t Expect Too Much
Dying to Do Letterman
Embrace of the Serpent
Félix and Meira
Four Lovers
Girl Asleep
Gunnin’ For That #1 Spot
Hello I Must Be Going
If A Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front
It’s a Disaster
Jay Myself
Jingle Bell Rocks!
John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection
Los Sures
Lost in Paris
Low Down
Ma Ma
Mad As Hell
Madeline’s Madeline
May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett Brothers
Meek’s Cutoff
Midnight Traveler
Mother of George
Ms. Purple
Night School
No Impact Man
Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie
October Country
Off Label
Oma & Bella
On Her Shoulders
One Week and a Day
Our Day Will Come
Pickle (short)
Pulp: A Film about LIfe, Death and Supermarkets
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
River of Grass
Scott Walker: 30 Century Man
Searching for Ingmar Bergman
Shut Up and Play The Hits
Sollers Point
Song of Granite
Soul of a Banquet
Stand Clear of the Closing Doors
Summer 1993
Tell Them Anything You Want
Terribly Happy
The Alchemist Cookbook
The Apple Pushers
The Exploding Girl
The Fits
The Garden
The Hours and Times
The Kill Team
The Law (La Loi)
The Love Witch
The Maid
The Messenger
The Other F Word
The Paranoids
The Past is a Grotesque Animal
The Proposal
The Road Movie
The Second Mother
The Thorn in the Heart
The Unloved
The Vanished Elephant
The Wonders
The King
These Birds Walk
Treeless Mountain
Unmistaken Child
We Can’t Go Home Again
We Need to Talk About Kevin
Welcome to Pine Hill
Wendy and Lucy
What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy
When Lambs Become Lions
Who Took The Bomp? Le Tigre On Tour
Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell
William S. Burroughs: A Man Within
Wuthering Heights
You Hurt My Feelings
Youssou N’Dour: I Bring What I Love