Though we are still a little less than a year from the release of James Gunn’s new superhero film, “The Suicide Squad,” it appears that the filmmaker is ready to move full-speed ahead on the film’s first spinoff, the previously announced series, “Peacemaker,” starring John Cena. With the filmmaker teasing that production is about to begin shortly, WarnerMedia is letting fans know who else will be joining Cena in the cast of the HBO Max series.

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According to Deadline, Danielle Brooks (“Orange is the New Black”), Robert Patrick (“Terminator 2: Judgment Day”), Jennifer Holland (“The Suicide Squad”), and Chris Conrad (“Patriot”) have all joined the cast for the upcoming superhero show, “Peacemaker.” The series serves as an origin story for Cena’s ‘Suicide Squad’ superhero that is best described as Captain America if Cap believed in murdering people to achieve peace.

In the series, Holland is set to reprise her role from “The Suicide Squad,” as NSA agent Emilia Harcourt. Brooks will play Leota Adebayo. Patrick is set to portray Auggie Smith. And finally, we have Conrad, who is going to suit up as Adrian Chase, aka The Vigilante, a longtime DC Comics superhero character. For those not steeped in the lore of DC Comics, Vigilante is a District Attorney in New York City that takes on the superhero identity after his family is murdered by a crime boss.

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The exact story of “Peacemaker” is still unknown. Hell, we don’t even know much about Cena’s version of the character, since “The Suicide Squad” won’t be releaesd until August 2021. However, it’s clear that WarnerMedia is really excited by what Gunn has up his sleeve and how Cena’s character will connect with audiences. Why else would they greenlight and begin production on a big-budget superhero streaming series when people have basically only seen a few seconds of Cena in action?

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Regardless, we can probably expect to see HBO Max’s “Peacemaker” series sometime in 2021, presumably after the release of “The Suicide Squad.”