Ray Fisher's Cyborg Character Written Out Of 'The Flash' & Reportedly Won't Be Recast

Ray Fisher seems like an actor that sticks to his guns. This is evident by the one-man war he’s engaged in with Warner Bros. and its top leadership, as well as filmmaker Joss Whedon, regarding Fisher’s treatment during the “Justice League” reshoots. And most recently, the actor vowed to never work with DC Films if Walter Hamada was still the boss. Well, it appears that Fisher is getting his wish, as he is reportedly written out of the upcoming “Flash” feature film and won’t be recast.

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According to The Wrap, Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg and was supposed to have a supporting role in the forthcoming “Flash” film starring Ezra Miller, as well as Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton, has now been officially written out of the script. The role will not be recast, and it appears that WB is just moving forward without Fisher and (seemingly) Cyborg, for now.

As mentioned, this is what happens when you vow not to work with Hamada, who was recently also re-upped as head of DC Films until 2023, on any projects. And when your biggest, most famous role to date is as a superhero in the DC film universe, you can’t do that while also keeping with your convictions, right? Regardless, if they’re not recasting the role, it seems as if the Cyborg appearance in “Flash” was little more than a glorified cameo. Either that or it’s a completely interchangeable role that can be occupied by someone else.

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So what does this mean for the future of Cyborg in the DCEU? Well, that is a huge question that seems to have a pretty simple answer—there are no plans. Back when the Snyderverse was in full-swing and DC Films unveiled its ambitious film slate, there was the announcement of a “Cyborg” film starring Fisher. Of course, plans have changed, well before the actor vowed to not work with Hamada, and the “Cyborg” film seemed to be a casualty of those changes. Now, with no appearance in “Flash” and no future appearances in new films slated (outside of Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” director’s cut, which exists in its own little world, right now), there doesn’t seem to be a place for Cyborg in the current DC film universe.

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That said, if you are jonesing for some Cyborg in your life, Joivan Wade has been playing a different version of the character over on the HBO Max series, “Doom Patrol.” So, at least, the character does have a bit of a live-action future. But outside of his fight with WB, Ray Fisher seems to be done as a member of the DC universe.