The moment “Watchmen” ended, everyone and their genetically-engineered lynx started asking if there would be a season 2. No matter how many times show creator Damon Lindelof said that he only intended the show to last nine episodes, there remains the possibility that HBO‘s hunger for more money overcomes the creative decision to give the show a definitive ending.

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The latest comment added to the long book of “will there be a season 2?” questions and answers comes from Regina King herself, who played Angela Abar aka Sister Night.
While speaking with Reese Witherspoon during a Variety Actors on Actors chat, King weighed on the possibility of more episodes with a resounding: “I don’t know.”

“Honestly, I feel like I think HBO would want it back in a heartbeat,” King said. “But if Damon Lindelof doesn’t see an entry point for season two… I think that the possibilities are infinite, but I feel that if Damon doesn’t see it, then it’s going to be a no for me.”

This comes after Damon Lindelof recently opened up about a season two and the conditions under which he’d be prepared to make more episodes.

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When asked if he was sicked of getting asked about more “Watchmen,” Lindelof told “No. I’m not sick of being asked the question. It’s immensely flattering to be in a position where people want more,” Lindelof explained and added that he’d be open to more of the story as long as someone else has an idea, “I would facilitate and embrace and do everything in my power to enable others to come forward and show their take on ‘Watchmen.'”