Robert Pattinson Still Not A Lock For 'Batman' As Both He & Nicholas Hoult Reportedly Will Screen Test For Role

The internet basically imploded on itself earlier this month, when it was revealed that Robert Pattinson was the leading contender for the role of Batman in Matt Reeves’ upcoming Warner Bros. superhero film. On the one hand, there were sane, rational folks that understand that Pattinson has come a long way since “Twilight” and deserves the role. On the other, there’s just a huge amount of people that can’t look past the sparkly vampire flick. Those in the latter camp are probably happy to hear the news that Pattinson isn’t the lock for the role, as we once thought.

According to comic book film scooper extraordinaire (if there’s such a thing) Umberto Gonzalez, it seems as if Pattinson is still the first choice, but actor Nicholas Hoult is hot on his tail, as both are reportedly being brought into the studio for “screen testing.”

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Gonzalez tweeted, “Robert Pattinson & Nicholas Hoult are screen testing for the role. I suspect they’re screen testing in the Batsuit because Wardrobe Department will need full wardrobe test. Additionally, the film will now start production in Q1 2020.”

Of course, it’s likely that a costume fitting in the Batsuit will be a requirement for anyone desiring the role of the superhero, so that’s not at all shocking. However, it is interesting that WB is still moving forward to these final stages of casting with Hoult. Not that it’s a bad thing to consider Hoult instead of Pattinson. Both are well-qualified and incredibly talented. Even though Pattinson might have Hoult bested in the chin department.

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Hoult’s resume actually includes plenty of genre fare, and specifically, superhero features. He’s probably best known for his off-kilter, but exceptional, supporting role in “Mad Max: Fury Road.” However, he’s also a mainstay in the recent ‘X-Men’ films as the superhero known as Beast. In addition to those big-budget outings, Hoult has garnered acclaim for roles in films like “About a Boy” (as a child), “Warm Bodies,” “The Favourite,” and the recent “Tolkien.”

So, will the “Twilight”-hating fandom throw their vocal support behind Hoult? That remains to be seen. All we can say now is that it’s still between Pattinson and Hoult, so let’s not lose our minds over the casting, just yet.