It could be a slow day in the British press, who aren’t always known to have the highest of standards when running a celebrity piece, or actually legitimate, but another entry in the Daniel Craig Won’t Be Back As Bond saga has a new chapter.

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As you’re probably well aware, Craig spent pretty much the entire press tour for “Spectre” griping about playing 007, saying he would never do it again, and conducting interviews as if he were getting his wisdom teeth pulled at the same time. Frankly, given his attitude, I’m surprised the Bond bosses would even want him back. But according to the latest chatter from Daily Mail, Craig has turned down approximately $76 million dollars to make two more Bond movies (note, that figure is not base salary, but includes earnings from potential profit sharing, endorsements, and a role as a co-producer; basically, given how Hollywood accounting works, he probably wouldn’t see the bulk of that money for a long time).

However, BBC actually did some digging, and according to their sources, “no decision is likely to be made for a while” by Craig regarding his return. I’d wager he’s waiting to see how the Todd Field directed adaptation of Jonathan Franzen‘s “Purity” will play out, though troublingly, it doesn’t seem to have been picked up by anybody since it was announced back in February.

Meanwhile, according to gambling types, Tom Hiddleston is the favorite to step into the role of 007, but if you ask me, I’d go with his “High-Rise” co-star Luke Evans instead.