Sacha Baron Cohen Spotted Filming As Borat Once Again As Speculation About Secret Project Heats Up

Sacha Baron Cohen is up to something. We just don’t know what. However, whatever the comedic actor has up his sleeve, Borat is involved.

Just like what happened in 2018, reports are beginning to surface about Sacha Baron Cohen dressing up in his disguises and tricking people once again. Last time he did this, it was revealed that Showtime was working with him on a series titled Who Is America? This time? It’s unclear what’s going on.

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Someone on TikTok, the social media tool used by younger people than me, recently posted a video that apparently shows Baron Cohen dressed up as Borat, his most famous character, driving around in a pick-up truck. While Borat has shown up occasionally over the years after the debut of the massive box office hit, “Borat,” this is just the most recent sighting of Baron Cohen in recent weeks. Leading many to speculate that he has another top secret series or feature in the works.

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Other recent reports include Baron Cohen dressing up as a character and leading a group of people in Washington in a white supremacist song. That was also caught on video and quickly revealed to be the actor doing some sort of impromptu performance. Then, later it was revealed by Rudy Guiliani that he was the mark in a prank from Baron Cohen that involved him dressed in revealing clothing and crashing an interview. Again, without context, it’s difficult just to know what is going on with Baron Cohen.

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Could this be “Who is America?” Season 2? The actor previously said that another series would be impossible given that everyone would be expecting it. That being said, obviously he would try to convince everyone that it wasn’t happening so that tricking people would be easier. Or maybe he is developing yet another “Borat” feature that will be released sometime in the future? Your guess is as good as mine.


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