We’ve literally been covering the long-gestating “Uncharted” film for the past 8 years. The adaptation of a popular video game has had numerous filmmakers and stars come and go, teasing fans with a potential blockbuster franchise. Names like David O. Russell, Robert De Niro, Mark Wahlberg, Scarlett Johansson, Neil Burger, Seth Gordon, and Chris Pratt have all been linked to the film in one way or another over the last decade. The latest pairing of star and director for “Uncharted” was Tom Holland and Shawn Levy. And yes, “was” is the appropriate word.

According to THR, Shawn Levy has passed on “Uncharted.” The latest move comes after the filmmaker signs on to direct a new film starring Ryan Reynolds and a pretty great cast, titled “Free Guy.” And to add salt to the wounds of all “Uncharted” fans that thought (perhaps foolishly) that this film was actually going to be made, “Free Guy” is actually a film about a video game that is getting shut down and the background character (Reynolds) that has to save his world.

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“Free Guy” is written by Matt Lieberman. The film stars Reynolds alongside “Killing Eve” breakout Jodie Comer, Lil Rel Howrey, and Stever, err…Joe Keery from “Stranger Things.”

Levy is probably best known for his “Night at the Museum” franchise, as well as “Date Night” and “Real Steel.” However, more recently, he’s been producing quite a lot of projects, as well as directing episodes of “Stranger Things.”

THR also reports that the “Uncharted” film isn’t quite dead yet, with Tom Holland still attached to star. However, at what point will they just give up?

There’s no release date for “Free Guy” yet.