Steve Carell To Lead FX Psychological Thriller Series 'The Patient'

Actor Steve Carell has been the streaming TV guy of late, see Apple TV+’s “The Morning Show” and the second season of Netflix’s “Space Force.” And on the horizon is yet another lead role in an upcoming series, this one skewing more in the thriller, allowing him to continue showcasing the dramatic chops of recent work.

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Deadline reports that his new show, “The Patient,” will see Carell playing psychotherapist Alexander Strauss, held prisoner by a serial killer who wants help with his homicidal urges. The recent widower has his own repressed trauma from the pain and loss from the death of his wife, Strauss will have over to overcome that top of his deranged captor.

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“The Patient” comes from Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields, the two creatives behind the hit Russian spy drama “The Americans” that starred Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys will co-write the FX project together.

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The producing team will include Carell, Weisberg, Fields, Caroline Moore, and Victor Hsu. Of course, the next significant role to be filled will be the killer seeking Strauss’ professional help. We can only hope that the cast directors are looking for great chemistry and another accomplished actor to play opposite him.

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“The Patient” gives the impression of a more intimate thriller premise than say something like “Mindhunter.” However, the serial killer character and his past crimes could easily lead to the use of gruesome flashback sequences to keep the series and setting feeling fresh. We shall see.