Stream Mica Levi's Powerful & Mesmerizing Score For 'Jackie'

Pablo Larrain‘s “Jackie” is remarkable not just because it’s one of the best films of the year, but because it tackles one of the most iconic figures in American life from almost every unexpected angle possible. It’s a story about a legend who made her own myth, a profile of courage and resilience in the midst of unfathomable grief, and a movie that actively avoids many of the visual cues we’ve come to expect from films set during that time. “Jackie” succeeds because like the titular character, it stands outside any preconceived roles, and when it came to the score for the movie, there could’ve been no better choice than Mica Levi.

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The musician made her first major foray into film scores with her incredible work on Jonathan Glazer‘s “Under The Skin,” and here, she once again delivers some breathtaking material, and Larrain couldn’t have been more pleased.

“…the score is amazing. I think Mica Levi is very much a genius. What happens with scores is that, most of the time, the scores are like sort of repeating the idea that is in the image. So just like if it’s sad, then you’ll play sad music. What we try to do here is to bring another sensibility, another emotion, another expression with the music so that, combined with the image, it would create a third idea that is more hard to describe,” the director told Uproxx.

Indeed, the combination of Levi’s score and Larrain’s film does defy description, but you can sit back and listen the soundtrack below. “Jackie” is in cinemas today, and the score is available today as well.