The Good Lord Bird, Unorthodox And 76 Days Win 2021 Peabody Awards

In the never-ending battle for prestige streamer dominance, today was a good day for Showtime. The Viacom division took two prestigious Peabody Awards for its limited series “The Good Lord Bird” starring Ethan Hawke and the news program “VICE on Showtime: Losing Ground.” Another Viacom production, MTV Films “76 Days,” won in the Documentary category.

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Traditionally handed out in an in-person ceremony, this year’s winners are being awarded virtually as one of the last vestiges of pandemic awards announcements (well, maybe the last vestiges). And the winners are perfectly timed for the first round of Emmy Award voting which ends on July 28. Originally, this year’s winners were intended to be revealed over five days. Smarter heads have prevailed and they will now be announced over just four.

Today’s winners were honored by Chris Rock, Natasha Lyonne, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Questlove, Trevor Noah, Jemele Hill, and Keith Ellison.



“The Good Lord Bird” (Showtime)

“Unorthodox” (Netflix)  


“76 Days” (MTV Documentary Films)


“Post Reports: The Life of George Floyd” (The Washington Post)


“Whose Vote Counts” (PBS / GBH)

“VICE on Showtime: Losing Ground” (Showtime)

“Muslim in Trump’s America (Exposure)” (ITV) Presented by Keith Ellison

Yesterday’s Peabody Award winners included “Ted Lasso,” “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” “Time” and “The Owl House.” Additional winners will be announced tomorrow and on Thursday.