A little over a week ago, we reported that Tom Hardy has teamed with BBC children’s network, CBeebies, to read bedtime stories for young people during the quarantine. Well, recently, he began his readings with “Under the Same Sky” and “Hug Me.” And during these readings, the actor took moments to address the children viewers (and the adults that inevitably tuned in to see the A-lister read a cute story) to tell them how they can reconnect with loved ones that aren’t with them in person.

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While the stories and the advice are mainly targeted for those people missing people that are probably far away, Tom Hardy’s words and the message of the books are especially fitting in a time where people are forced to stay indoors and can’t even visit loved ones that are a short driving distance away. (Though, if social media is proof, people are stupidly ignoring those warnings and partying with friends and family as if nothing’s wrong. But I digress.)

“Although you might be very far away from those that you love, remember there is always a way you can touch their heart,” said Hardy.

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He goes on to suggest that folks call their loved ones or “make them a video” to help bridge the gap. “I’m sure it’ll make their day,” he said. “And it’ll make you feel better too.”

When talking about “Hug Me,” he said, “It’s not always possible to be able to hug those that we love, but we must always remember that they are always with us in our heart.”

Now, adults are mainly used to seeing Hardy acting tough and macho, hurting people on a regular basis. But seeing him calmly and sweetly give advice straight to the camera is likely enough to make some people cry. (I will neither confirm nor deny my own misty eyes. Don’t judge.)

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As mentioned previously, the story last night (which you can see a clip of below) is part of a series that Tom Hardy is doing in conjunction with CBeebies. So, we can’t wait to see what the actor (and his dog, Blue) have in store for us, err…I mean, the kids.