Tom Holland Says Marvel One-Shots Might Be Coming Back

Marvel has already had plenty of ambitions, but one concept that was quietly abandoned was their idea of short films connected to their movie universe. Known as Marvel One-Shots, they were home video bonus material, and between 2011 and 2014 “The Consultant,”  “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer,” “Agent Carter,” and “All Hail the King” arrived to varying degrees of quality before Marvel put the brakes on them. However, they might be coming back.

During a chat with Uproxx, “Spider-Man: Homecoming” star Tom Holland shared that he wanted to team-up with Ant-Man in a further Spidey adventure.

“I want to do a short. That’s what I want to do. I want to do a 20-minute short with me and Paul Rudd…,” he said. When informed that Marvel used to do those One-Shots, Holland spilled some interesting beans.

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“I think they are planning on doing it again,” he said. “I probably just spoiled a big spoiler. Kevin Feige’s probably going to be furious.”

Certainly, Marvel hasn’t been opposed to doing shorts, with the adventures of Thor and Daryl making a splash online. However, I’d imagine they’re trying to figure out how to get them out there in in a way that makes financial sense, in an era when home video sales are declining. The production values on those Marvel One-Shots were usually pretty good, and even as Marvel makes money hand over fist, they can’t just make shorts simply for fan service. However, if and when they decided to revive them, there are plenty of concepts waiting to be realized.

“I think it would be great to see more one-shots. We’ll see… You look at me as if I’m the only person who controls that decision; I wish that were the case. But I think when the opportunity arises we would do it, we would jump on it. There is a backlog of ideas for one-shots that we haven’t done yet,” Kevin Feige said in 2015.

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