Kino Lorber continues their run of re-releasing interestingly obscure films with their newest addition, Alan Clarke’s 1979 film “Scum,” arriving with a fresh 2K restoration. The Ray Winstone starring film follows young violent thug Carlin as he arrives at a British reform school. While at the school, he rises through the ranks using violence and intimidation, eventually reaching the top of the school pecking order.

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The film was originally commissioned by the BBC as a “Play for Today” but was withdrawn from broadcast due to the violence depicted. Director Clarke and screenwriter Roy Minton actually remade the film after it was pulled from broadcast, using the same actors but upping the violence and sexual content. Kino is presenting the uncut theatrical version.

While not as famous as the other late ’70s social realist films, “Scum” looks to be an interesting and visceral watch. While there are no showings currently scheduled, Kino will also be releasing “Scum” back into theaters sometime this year.
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