Let’s be real, Christian Bale is a shapeshifter, right? While other actors tend to bring a lot of their own personality and looks to a role, regardless if it’s a biopic or a completely fictional tale, Bale gets completely lost in a role, morphing his mind, and yes, his body, into whatever is needed. And for the upcoming “Vice,” the 44-year-old, decidedly British, Bale dons some extra pounds, prosthetics, and an American accent to play former Vice President Dick Cheney. And frankly, he looks amazing.

With the full trailer coming tomorrow, Annapurna Pictures and director Adam McKay have decided to release a quick teaser and a couple pictures from their Christmas awards contender “Vice.” The two images (courtesy of Vanity Fair) give a great look at what we can expect from Bale as he plays both the younger and older Cheney in the film. It’s clear he’s done another body transformation to become the overweight, older politician. But yet, there’s still an awful lot of Bale there, as McKay and Company didn’t overload him with prosthetics.

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And for those concerned that McKay was going to forgo his own political leanings and present an unbiased portrayal of the former Vice President, never fear! The teaser boasts the tagline, “Some vices are more dangerous than others.” Oh, the pun! Here’s what the director had to say to Vanity Fair about the upcoming film, “America didn’t get to the delightful place we’re at today by accident. Someone had to crack the safe first. Someone who understood power and how to manipulate it. Someone no one would notice. An ultimate insider who knew every trick in the book.”

It’s clear that McKay is going to come at the Dick Cheney biopic with a unique point of view. Considering this is the filmmaker that put an explanation of banking corruption in the credits of “The Other Guys” and used Margot Robbie in a bubble bath to explain the 2008 housing crisis for “The Big Short,” that’s to be expected.

“Vice” will hit theaters on Christmas Day.

Take a look at the two new pictures and teaser below: