'Waiting for Anya' Trailer: Wartime Hope Packs An Emotional Punch

World War II can be a tough subject for audiences to digest, especially given the emotionally taxing nature of the stories being adapted. Some of these films, however – such as the recent and much-buzzed-about “Jojo Rabbit” – find a way to inject a little hope into the story. If our first look at the upcoming “Waiting for Anya” is any indication, Ben Cookson‘s film appears to be following suit.

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Based on the Michael Morpurgo (War Horse) novel of the same name, the story follows a young boy (Noah Schnapp, “Stranger Things“) and a woman (Anjelica Huston) who join forces with their village to save Jewish children during World War II.

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While the trailer hints at some hopeful moments, “Waiting for Anya” will still, without a doubt, be a doozy of a film. This is the second writing and directing gig for Ben Cookson and a marked departure from the lighter fare of his earlier career. But his two leads are well-versed in drama. Schnapp provided the emotional crux for multiple seasons and storylines on “Stranger Things,” and Anjelica Huston is known for, well, everything. She’s a Hollywood icon that can be trusted with nearly any script. This duo will give the film a healthy shot at driving the drama home.

Take a look at the official synopsis for “Waiting for Anya” below:

Adapted from the novel by the author of War Horse, Waiting for Anya follows Jo (Noah Schnapp), a thirteen-year-old shepherd boy, and reclusive widow Horcada (Anjelica Huston), who come together with their village to help smuggle Jewish children into Spain during the harrows of WWII.

“Waiting for Anya” drops in theaters, on-demand and on digital HD on February 7. Jean Reno (“Léon the Professional“) and Sadie Frost (“Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow“) join Schnapp and Huston in “Waiting for Anya.”