If you were curious if Marvel Studios would change its ways regarding being so tight-lipped as the studio entered the realm of weekly TV, the studio isn’t. Just because “WandaVision,” the first Marvel Studios TV production to arrive on Disney+, is a weekly show, the studio has gone out of its way to keep the mystery going this whole time and tease the hell out of what might happen next. And veteran Avenger, Paul Bettany, is leading the way with some insane teases of what we might expect in the weeks to come.

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Speaking on the Lights Camera Barstool podcast, Bettany talked about what’s the come in future episodes of “WandaVision.” And by “talked about,” we mean that he teased things in a super vague way but did so well that it actually gets us excited to see what’s next without knowing anything about what he’s actually saying. Got that?

“I think people’s minds are going to explode,” Bettany said about Episode 4 of “WandaVision,” which debuts this Friday.

“You can expect those two worlds to… to have more conflict,” Bettany said cautiously about the imagined sitcom world that’s seemingly in Wanda’s mind and the mysterious things that are going on, on the outside. “I don’t want to give away too much about the future episodes, but I will tell you this, there were more special effects requirements for our TV show than there were for ‘Endgame.'”

This guy is a pro, right? Teasing that somehow “WandaVision” has more VFX requirements than ‘Endgame?’ How is that even possible? It can’t be true. Wait, can it? Did Bettany just convince me that “WandaVision” is a bigger spectacle than the most successful film of all time? Damn him!

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Speaking of ‘Endgame,’ Bettany clarified a report where it was said there was a deleted scene that featured Vision. He said there was no deleted scene with Vision dead in ‘Endgame,’ Bettany explained. But it was something they discussed with Kevin Feige and talked about the possibility if they should tease more Vision. Instead, Feige made the “difficult” decision to leave him seemingly dead so audiences didn’t feel “cheated.”

Bettany talked about the differences between shooting a TV series and shooting a film, and he put the experience very much in the film camp and not only that, but a very big Marvel movie. “It felt very different to TV, [especially considering] the number of sheer toys they had and it felt very similar to shooting a Marvel movie except for [Elizabeth Olsen] and I having a lot more responsibility,” he explained.

So, what can people expect with future episodes? Much like everything else, Bettany is pretty tight-lipped.

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“It’s a complicated answer, but there’s not an arbitrary reason we’re in all these sitcoms,” he said, “There’s a big payoff that you go, ‘Oh, ok, now I get it.’ It’s a satisfying thing.”

Can he give fans any straight answers about what’s going to happen by the end of the episode? Apparently not. Just more teasing.

“I think they’re going to be massively surprised by the end of the show,” Bettany explained. “I really think people are going to be like, ‘oh my god!’ and they’re going to look at the MCU in a whole new light and also have a much deeper understanding in what direction it’s moving.”

Bettany then teased the big spoiler coming on the show. “So many things get leaked, but there’s this thing that has been completely under wraps that happens and I work with this actor that I’ve always wanted to work with and we have fireworks together, the scenes are great and I think people are going to be really excited. I’ve always wanted to work with this guy and the scenes are pretty intense.”

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While we don’t know who he’s talking about in this tease about a mystery actor, many are speculating that it could be Nathan Fillion. Why Fillion? Well, there have been hints at Wonder Man showing up in “WandaVision,” and if that’s the case, Fillion has already been cast in the role for a scheduled tease in “Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2.” Of course, that was eventually cut from the film, but perhaps Marvel kept Fillion around for a TV appearance? We shall see.

“WandaVision” debuts a new episode each Friday on Disney+.