Wander, New Mexico isn’t just a typical dusty desert town. There’s something more happening there and Aaron Eckhart and Tommy Lee Jones are going to figure it out in the new thriller, “Wander.”

And with “Wander” arriving in theaters and VOD next week, we’re happy to give our readers a chance to watch an exclusive clip from the film featuring a good introduction to what is going on in the New Mexico town and why two men are convinced there’s a conspiracy afoot. The film tells the story of a paranoid private investigator (Eckhart) that is looking into a suspicious death in Wander, New Mexico. And as you can see in the clip we have, he’s utterly convinced there’s more to the death than meets the eye and that it somehow has links to the death of his daughter.

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As mentioned, the film stars Eckhart and Jones, but they’re also joined by Heather Graham and Katheryn Winnick in the cast. “Wander” is written by Tim Doiron and directed by April Mullen. The filmmaker is probably best known for her previous feature, “Below Her Mouth.” She’s also an accomplished TV director, helming episodes of series including “The 100,” “The Rookie,” “Wynonna Earp,” and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.”

“Wander” arrives in select theaters, VOD, and Digital on December 4. You can watch the exclusive clip below.

Here’s the synopsis:

Aaron Eckhart, Tommy Lee Jones and Heather Graham star in the edge-of-your-seat thriller following Arthur Bretnik, a paranoid private investigator with a troubled past. After Bretnik (Eckhart) is hired to investigate a suspicious death in the town of Wander, he becomes convinced the case is linked to the same ‘conspiracy cover up’ that caused the death of his daughter.