“Satanic Panic” is a term that describes an era in American culture when parents were frightened by the idea of cults and Devil worshippers killing and mutilating people in the ‘70s and ‘80s. There are countless newscasts and articles about how there were confirmed murders and “sacrifices” made in the name of Satan. Of course, years later, we know that there has yet to be one confirmed case of Satanic murder or sacrifice, and all those stories weren’t true. But that doesn’t make for a good movie, right? Enter “We Summon the Darkness.”

As seen in the trailer of “We Summon the Darkness,” the film follows the story of a group of young ladies that are on their way to watch a heavy metal concert. Their plans are interrupted when they notice the news talking about a series of Satanic murders. Things then go completely off the rails at an aftershow party at one of the girls’ houses where the mayhem really begins.

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The film stars Alexandra Daddario, Johnny Knoxville, Keean Johnson, Maddie Hasson, Logan Miller, Amy Forsyth, and Austin Swift. ‘Darkness’ is written by Alan Trezza and directed by Marc Meyers. The filmmaker is probably best known for his recent film “My Friend Dahmer.”

“We Summon the Darkness” will arrive on VOD on April 10.

Here’s the synopsis:

On the way to a heavy metal concert, Alexis (Alexandra Daddario) and two girlfriends hear a news report of a local murder believed to be tied to a series of satanic killings. After the show, the girls invite three guys to join them at the estate owned by Alexis’s father, a fire-and-brimstone preacher (Johnny Knoxville). What starts as a party suddenly turns dark and deadly in this devilishly entertaining thriller.