To be fair, when it all comes down to it, we’re pretty neutral when it comes to Emmy winner preferences. Sure, we might root for a performance here or there, but we’re certainly not using our media pulpit to campaign for a nominee. That being said, are we completely out of line by suggesting Emmy voters watch HBO’s fantastic and uplifting reality program “We’re Here” before casting their votes?

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Nominated in the Unstructured Reality Category, the first-time contender’s biggest competition comes from Netflix’s “Cheer” which somehow isn’t in the Documentary or Nonfiction Series (yes, eyebrows are raised). But for executive producers Johnnie Ingram, Stephen Warren, and Peter LoGreco, the nomination this year may just be the win. In its first year, the program saw production shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic just as the final episode was being filmed. Moreover, in a global situation no network or studio was prepared for, the show had to find viewers through word of mouth and countless virtual media opportunities that were mostly carried on the shoulders of its incredible hosts and stars, Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara, and Shangela.

But, hey, considering the critical acclaim and audience adoration, maybe winning would be the icing on the cake? I mean, the “Cheer” cast and coaches already have a National Cheerleaders Association championship, right? Something to ponder.

The trio of producers joined us on the Four Quadrant podcast to discuss the difficulty in figuring out that last episode, the outreach they’ve gotten from potential subjects, putting a full-fledged drag show in the context of every episode and some speculation on how the second season will go forward with COVID still a daily part of Americans lives.

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