Recently, Criterion released a brand-new special edition of Wes Anderson’s four-time Oscar-winning film, “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” And as part of the release, as you might expect from Criterion’s history, the Blu-ray comes packed with extras.

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Thankfully, if you’re still waiting to purchase your copy of the film or just want to see some Wes Anderson goodness this lovely Friday, Criterion has released some sneak peeks at the special features you might find on the ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ disc. This includes what might be the best feature, an animated video showcasing Anderson’s meticulously crafted storyboards, complete with narration from the filmmaker himself.

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Obviously, the storyboard animation is as quirky and fun as the finished film, but also shows just how much of the film is planned beforehand. Clearly, one of the hallmarks of a Wes Anderson film is the attention to detail and how each and every shot is framed. And that means the storyboards have to be pretty detailed, as well.

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In addition to the animation below, the Criterion release also features a new audio commentary featuring Anderson, filmmaker Roman Coppola, critic Kent Jones, and actor Jeff Goldblum, all-new interviews with the cast and crew, as well as a new making-of documentary (which Criterion also shared a peek at below). Needless to say, if you’re a fan of “The Grand Budapest Hotel” or just a big Wes Anderson fan, this is a must-own disc.

You can watch the videos below: