While filmmaker Elizabeth Wood didn’t win any awards at Sundance this year for her feature-length directorial debut “White Girl,” the harrowing film depicting New York City youth has nonetheless made a lasting impact. What she might be most well known for at this moment is that she is reportedly in the mix for Marvel’s “Captain Marvel.” Now, Marvel typically meets with dozens of directors per project, so it’s likely that Wood was asked in for a meeting. And when you only have one Sundance indie under your belt, even word of a meeting with a studio like Marvel is good for your career.

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The story of “White Girl” centers on a college girl in New York who falls hard for a guy she just met. After a night of partying goes wrong, she goes to wild extremes to get him back. Here’s the official synopsis:

The cross section between New York’s mean streets and its gentrified alcoves makes for potent social satire in Elizabeth Wood’s tough and exhilarating debut. Equipped with platinum blonde hair and a winning smile, college girl Leah (Morgan Saylor) seeks out pleasure in any form. She has two weeks before fall semester, and in between getting high with her roommate and snorting lines with her boss, she finds time to hit it off with a handsome, young Puerto Rican drug dealer named Blue. Within days, the two are selling dime bags to her affluent white colleagues, collecting fast cash, and living the high life. But their euphoria comes to a grinding halt once Blue is arrested and Leah’s left with a hefty amount of his coke. Does she sell it to save him or use it herself?

Starring Morgan Saylor, Brian Marc, Justin Bartha, Adrian Martinez, India Salvor Menuez, Anthony Ramos, Ralph Rodriguez, Annabelle Dexter Jones and Chris Noth, “White Girls” will be released theatrically this September.