You might not know the name Stay Gold Features, but the production company made a big splash this year at Sundance. They arrived with hip-hop drama “Patti Cake$,” which went on to scoop a $9.5 million deal with Fox Searchlight, who will release the film this summer. That’s the kind of thing that gets people’s attention, and Andrew Garfield answered the phone when they called.

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The actor will star in “Black Lion,” which Stay Gold is developing. Alessandro Camon (“The Messenger“) will write the movie, which will tell the the true story of Carlos Mavroleon, a Harvard educated heir to an English/Greek shipping empire who left his high-flying life as a Wall Street trader to become a world-renowned war reporter. Mavroleon was known for his daring and ability to operate in the most dangerous conflict zones in the world. The story will be framed by Mavroleon’s final assignment for “60 Minutes,” where he was tasked with sneaking into Afghan tribal territories immediately after President Clinton’s 1998 missile strikes against the Bin Laden camps. Mavroleon was one of the first journalists to discover the all-important Pakistani link in the Al Qaida/Taliban axis and was subsequently found dead in a Peshawar motel room days later under mysterious circumstances.

Stay Gold is also behind David Robert Mitchell‘s “Under The Silver Lake,” which also stars Garfield, so it seems they’ve struck up a strong relationship with one of the best actors around town. As for “Black Lion,” there’s no director yet, but it’ll be interesting to see who signs on.