We know that Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon in a card game with Lando Calrissian and that, at least in the books, Han Solo freed Chewbacca from an Empire slave ship. These were all details that, until now, we left to our imagination, where it was just fine. However, it looks like the upcoming Han Solo movie, aka the best “Star Wars” movie ever, will be bringing to life all those moments.

Speaking at a USC tech event today, Disney CEO Bob Iger — who just had his contract extended again until July 2019 — shared some details about the upcoming Phil Lord and Chris Miller-directed movie, and for anyone hoping that Lucasfilm will eventually tell completely new stories involving their characters, they will be disappointed.

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The Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Fritz tweeted out what Iger had to say about the movie, and essentially, the Alden Ehrenreich vehicle will detail how Han Solo met Chewbacca, got the Millennium Falcon, and at this rate, will show him embarking the record-breaking Kessel Run. This was all stuff I was fine leaving in my head, and frankly, I’d rather see a young Han Solo movie where he’s off on a completely unrelated adventure. But it looks like Disney and Lucasfilm are taking the origin-story route, and there’s no doubt that some fans will love finally seeing the stories they’ve already heard or read come to life. Personally, these are not the first things I want to see in a Han Solo movie.

However, if there’s one silver lining, it’s that if Lord and Miller go over this terrain with the same irreverent verve they’ve brought to their past projects, it could still prove to be fun stuff.

The untitled Han Solo spinoff arrives on May 25, 2018.