Finally. Fans of “Stranger Things” — one of the most popular pieces of Netflix original programming ever — have been waiting all summer for the streaming service to officially announce a second season. Well, it’s time to break out the Eggos because it’s happening.

Netflix has revealed that the nine-episode, second season will arrive in 2017. The only returning creatives confirmed thus far are series writer/directors Matt and Ross Duffer, which certainly leaves some intriguing questions about which cast members will be back. But over the past couple of months, producer Shawn Levy and the Duffers have teased what lies ahead for the show.

“…the plan is to continue with this set of characters while introducing a few critical key new ones next season,” Levy said in July.

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“Even with ‘The Upside Down,’ we have a 30-page document that is pretty intricate in terms of what it all means, and where this monster actually came from, and why aren’t there more monsters — we have all this stuff that we just didn’t have time for, or we didn’t feel like we needed to get into in season one, because of the main tension of Will. We have that whole other world that we haven’t fully explored in this season, and that was very purposeful,” he said.

“We leave these dangling threads at the end. If people respond to this show and we get to continue this story — we had those initial discussions of where we might go with it. If there was going to be a season two, we would reveal more of that 30 page document, but we’d still want to keep it from the point of view of our original characters,” Ross Duffer teased.

Meanwhile, Matt Duffer has described what’s ahead as, “not a second season as much as a sequel.”

I seriously can’t wait. And the first clue for what’s next comes in the announcement teaser for season 2, which notes that “in the fall of 1984, the adventure continues.” Basically, it means the story will be taking a leap forward of one year from season one. Thoughts or theories? Share ’em below.