Logan” proves that longtime X-Men fans are still alive and well. The gritty final chapter in the spin-off series is packed with easter eggs, callbacks, and comic book references. Given that X-Men movies tend to exist within their own dimension, even the most diehard fans can get lost – but never fear, Mr. Sunday Movies is here to sort it all out and figure out how the latest installment fits into X-Men’s complex movie universe.

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Fans may not have picked up on the more subtle easter eggs hidden throughout the superhero film. This includes Logan’s dog tags from the Weapon X program, his Samurai sword from Japan, and his penchant for cigars as we see in the second movie trailer when he steals a pack from a gas station in Texas. The other hidden messages – such as his signature muttonchops – may be a little easier to spot. Perhaps, the most glaring easter egg is the one that’s missing entirely – Logan’s classic yellow and blue Wolverine costume. As seen in James Mangold’s “The Wolverine,” the director intentionally left out the flashy costume due to the fact that it didn’t make sense for his movie persona this time around.

There’s also classic movie parallels such as 1953 Western “Shane,” which Mangold wrote into the script as a result of the pact he made with Hugh Jackman to leverage Logan’s dark side. The original timeline, meanwhile, seems like it’s holding on by a thread, if not ignored completely. Don’t worry though, some things don’t change – Wolverine still murdered his father and he managed to fight his way through several wars.

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