'Agatha' Star Patti LuPone Admits She's No MCU Expert: "I Had To Watch 'WandaVision' Twice To Figure It Out"

Fandom is a funny thing. There’s this assumption made by fans, especially folks obsessed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that everyone who acts in a Marvel Studios project needs to be some sort of expert. Sorry, but not everyone is Iman Vellani. Well, on the opposite end of the encyclopedic knowledge of the MCU spectrum is Patti LuPone, who is set to join the Marvel family with the forthcoming series, “Agatha: Coven of Chaos.” 

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Speaking to EW, the outlet asked Patti LuPone if she was finally familiar with the MCU after joining the cinematic universe in the upcoming “Agatha: Coven of Chaos,” a spinoff of the popular “WandaVision” series. The actress, as she has in the past already, is not one to hold back when talking about the project, so she admitted that she’s definitely not an expert. 

“And I’m still not,” LuPone said. “I’m still not familiar with it. I had to watch ‘WandaVision’ twice to figure it out.”

Though she may not be the most knowledgeable member of the MCU, LuPone isn’t letting that affect how much she is enjoying the experience of working on ‘Coven.’ 

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She added, “I’m having a blast. It’s a wonderful group of women, plus a phenomenal crew. I mean, the design on this piece is extraordinary. Jac Schaeffer is so talented, she’s the creator of ‘WandaVision’ and now ‘Coven of Chaos,’ and it’s an extraordinary cast of women.”

With more than 30 films and eight TV series, it’s ridiculous to assume that every actor in the MCU is going to be familiar with all of the franchises. Hell, most of the people who pay to watch the films in the theaters have probably not watched everything Marvel Studios has released. (You mean to tell me that your mother who loves “Guardians of the Galaxy” because of the racoon and tree is also into “What If?” Not likely.)

So, LuPone is definitely forgiven for not being some sort of expert on all things MCU. As long as she turns in a solid performance in ‘Agatha,’ the actress can say whatever she wants about Marvel Studios, right? 

“Agatha: Coven of Chaos” doesn’t have an official release date yet, but it is expected sometime in 2024.