With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to restrict travel worldwide, audiences need to turn to movies to satisfy our wanderlust. Allow the “Amundsen: The Greatest Expedition” trailer to take you all the way to the North Pole, with Katherine Waterson as one of your guides.

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The movie follows Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen’s real-life story, who explored the North Pole in the early 1900s. Amundsen had been obsessed with exploring the uncharted lands his entire life. He might have won the race against Robert Scott to conquer the South Pole, but the movie shows that Amundsen will sacrifice whatever it takes to make sure he can take the North Pole as well.

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Take a look at the official summary for “Amundsen: The Greatest Expedition” below:

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Roald Amundsen’s dream of reaching the North Pole haunts him throughout his life. He is obsessed with the idea of discovering the last unchartered lands of the world. While he wins the race against Robert Scott to becomes the first man ever to conquer the South Pole, Amundsen will sacrifice everything to be the first to explore the icy wastelands of the North Pole.

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The movie is directed by Espen Sandberg (“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”) and it stars Pål Sverre Hagen (“In Order of Disappearance“), Christian Rubeck (“What Happened to Monday”), and Katherine Waterston (“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them“) in its cast. “Amundsen: The Greatest Expedition” was written by Ravn Lanesskog (“The Last King“).

“Amundsen: The Greatest Expedition” opens in virtual cinemas and video on demand on April 2. Take a look at the new trailer below.